March 19, 2008

Obama Arrives

This is a very strong speech by Obama. It has really stirred the pot. He quite bravely fronts the issue of race rather then shamelessly disowning those who express their frustration poorly. This could be remembered as a truly great speech. This is the whole speech, cuts are available on YouTube.

Shine Forth


Cryptic Muse said...

I'm entirely in agreement. The speech was a triumph! Although I doubt the neocons will comprehend his nuanced message.

Anonymous said...

When I listened to his speech I was reminded of your reference to Yoda from your website. "Many sources of wisdom there are, blind to none of them we must be." If only we could follow your mantra that " we must bring reason and passion and back into our political system" maybe some of the messages Obama was relating would manifest themselves in a more peaceful!