November 28, 2007

Homosexuals in the Military

Homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the U.S. Military.

The very first Amendment to the United States Constitution, was intended to grant citizens the rights of free expression, especially as it pertains to their spirituality. By forbidding Congress to establish an official religion, it specifically baptizes the new nation as a secular nation. The founding fathers believed that the republic was best served when all mankind was free to pursue spirituality as they see fit.

There is no more important spiritual expression then the choice of a life partner. Our partners act as a balance, and keep us true to ourselves. They are moments of the divine alight in the body of another. They guide us, inspire us, comfort us, and kick us in the ass when it becomes necessary.

The idea that this fulfilling spiritual relationship cannot exist between homosexuals is absurd to many. Still many others believe that it is a sinful and unnatural relationship. What ever your position, you must accept that your conviction is a spiritual one. It is a matter of what you believe about human spirituality.

This should not be used as a basis to refuse homosexuals entrance into the military. As a Soldier, I believe it is the right of any citizen, some might say the duty, but at least the right, to serve their nation. The ideal of our “Sacred Honor” mentioned in the Declaration of Independence should be held high over a primarily Christian condemnation of the homosexual lifestyle.

Undoubtedly, there are practical issues surrounding the inclusion of gays in the military. All of them must be overcome. Those in the military incapable of discretionary thinking should be phased out anyway. This is about right and wrong, and defending the Sacred Honor of standing up for something. They have the right to serve and the military must accommodate them.

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