October 22, 2007

John McCain Exposes Himself

Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain revealed more about himself then he would have like to in a debate on 21 OCT. His “big laugh” of the night was the result of a mocking joke about the worthlessness of Woodstock. Now I wasn’t alive for Woodstock and admittedly, the gentleman from Arizona was “tied up” as a POW at the time. Neither condition, however, excuses either of us from admitting what Woodstock represented in the evolution of our country.

Those present at Woodstock can speak for what it meant at the time, but today it is emblematic of the power of the people. The draw created by word of mouth at garage and attic meetings was literally phenomenal. The subject of the Senator’s comment was a indictment of Sen. Hilary Clinton recent vote for a million dollar museum dedicated to the iconic concert. My time in Iraq has shown me a lot more worthless things for a million dollars to be spent on, however this is wide of the point.

Senator McCain’s comment mocking Woodstock show his ignorance of the power of people. It is clear from his views on Iraq and Iran; that there is only one type of power that he understands. He seems unconsciously pulled toward military might. In the 60’s and 70’s a phenomenon began that endures. The youth of our country are, at their best, dedicated to peaceful solutions based on empathy and compassion for our fellow man. Those who hold such ideals as the fancies of dreamers and hippies are not fit for the Senate, much less the Presidency.

Shine Forth the Light

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